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Re: bug in raw mode

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: bug in raw mode
Date: 12 Oct 2000 10:28:01 +0200
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| Hello
| I found a bug, when compiling test project with bison ver. 1.28 under
| Linux.
| The problem is that when I turned on a raw mode (either by %raw
| declaration or by -r command line option) the yytranslate[] table was
| generated incorrectly. 


Thanks for the report.  It's a known bug, and IIRC, someone even said
1.24 has it.  What would really help is a detailed analysis and a fix

I also have a question: what is the interest of %raw?  Why are you
using it?  Am I missing something, or it just makes no difference to
use or not to use it?

| In fact it was generated in the way if the raw mode
| was off. When I altered the table manually it worked OK. In the following
| case I changed: yytranslate[3]=3 and yytranslate[257]=2. 
| I provide you with following files:
| x.y - bison input file
| x - a shell script I used to compile
| input.txt - input data file

There was no such thing in you message, but anyway we do have a test
case for this, thanks.

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