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Bison generating C++

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Bison generating C++
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 22:25:48 +0200

I have a suggest for Bison generating C++, namely to add an option that
cause it to write a file with a C++ ending, default say ".cc" instead of
".c". For now, it would do nothing else, but later one could first change
to C++ standard headers using namespaces, and even further down the road,
more C++ support.

I tweaked the Bison sources, to get this, as follows:
File getargs.c: Add
  int generate_cplusplus = 0;
and in getargs(), add a "+" here ------>|
  while ((c = getopt_long (argc, argv, "+yvdhrltknVo:b:p:", longopts, (int
and to the switch statement, add the case '+', as follows:
      switch (c)
        case 0:
          /* Certain long options cause getopt_long to return 0.  */

        case '+':
          generate_cplusplus = 1;

Then in file files.c, add
   extern int generate_cplusplus;
and in open_files() change to:
  /* These are opened by `done' or `open_extra_files', if at all */
  if (spec_outfile)
    tabfile = spec_outfile;
  else if (!generate_cplusplus)
    tabfile = stringappend (name_base, base_length, ".c");
    tabfile = stringappend (name_base, base_length, ".cc");
with a statement appending ".cc" if generate_cplusplus is set.

This does not check all combinations C++/calling for special file names. It
is just a tweak I happened to need.

One can think of a long option --C++, and that these options optionally can
have preferred filename extensions, one might be something like that -+.cpp
would make the files have extensions ".cpp" instead.

  Hans Aberg

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