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Bug repor for bison

From: Vikrant
Subject: Bug repor for bison
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 00:34:12 -0800

We just figured that there is a bug with YYPRINT and YYDEBUG. We defined YYDEBUG which bison also defined in side on C code. After that we checked it once again check for yydebug value which has not been initialized to 1. Condition fails on linux - bison version 1.28 because it may take random value when you define it.
YYPRINT is not documented. Moreover we saw lines like follows in bison generated code.
#ifdef YYPRINT
      YYPRINT(stderr, yychar, yylval);
Could you please explain what it does.
Thank you.
Vikrant Kelkar
Harish Karnik
(Aumtech Inc)

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