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Re: Bug repor for bison

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Bug repor for bison
Date: 15 Nov 2000 18:36:03 +0100
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>>>>> "Vikrant" == Vikrant  <address@hidden> writes:

Vikrant> Hello,


Vikrant> We just figured that there is a bug with YYPRINT and
Vikrant> YYDEBUG. We defined YYDEBUG which bison also defined in side
Vikrant> on C code. After that we checked it once again check for
Vikrant> yydebug value which has not been initialized to 1. Condition
Vikrant> fails on linux - bison version 1.28 because it may take
Vikrant> random value when you define it.

Read the documentation: it is up to *you* to set yydebug.

Vikrant> YYPRINT is not documented. 

What documentation are you referring to?

Debugging Your Parser


   The debugging information normally gives the token type of each token
read, but not its semantic value.  You can optionally define a macro
named `YYPRINT' to provide a way to print the value.  If you define
`YYPRINT', it should take three arguments.  The parser will pass a
standard I/O stream, the numeric code for the token type, and the token
value (from `yylval').

   Here is an example of `YYPRINT' suitable for the multi-function
calculator (*note Declarations for `mfcalc': Mfcalc Decl.):

     #define YYPRINT(file, type, value)   yyprint (file, type, value)
     static void
     yyprint (file, type, value)
          FILE *file;
          int type;
          YYSTYPE value;
       if (type == VAR)
         fprintf (file, " %s", value.tptr->name);
       else if (type == NUM)
         fprintf (file, " %d", value.val);

Vikrant> Moreover we saw lines like follows in bison generated code.


Vikrant> #ifdef YYPRINT

Vikrant>       YYPRINT(stderr, yychar, yylval);

Vikrant> #endif


Vikrant> Could you please explain what it does.

It runs YYPRINT only when defined.

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