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Re: Bison and C++

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: Bison and C++
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 14:05:07 +0100

At 16:37 -0700 0-12-31, Richard Stallman wrote:
>    So if GNU decides to do an IDE, I think that one requirement should be
>    it has at least the capacity of "make".
>Any sort of development environment we write will USE make, just as it
>will use GCC, etc.

Good. I think this is the most interesting approach, anyway.

Also, questions like how to display debugging data and where names are
declared and defined and such are unrelated to how to fit "make" into the
picture. But it would be interesting with a GUI where a "make" file
controls the display of the files (I am referring to the fact that the
IDE's I know of has a "project file" instead of a "make" which displays the
files and some basic "make" things like link order, etc).

While at it, there is a LaTeX macro package called "hyperref" (see
http://www.dante.de/cgi-bin/ctan-index or ftp://ftp.dante.de/) that allows
one to get hyperlinks for free. That is, DVI displays that knows about
hyperlinks can display them, and the links survive a DVI -> PDF conversion.
-- Perhaps the GNU texinfo format should include such hyperlinks. From
discussions at the LaTeX -mailing lists, I understand that the extension is
not entirely trivial, because the embedded \special commands may sometimes
cause havoc. But this is probably a less problem with the texinfo format,
being more restrictive than LaTeX.

  Hans Aberg

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