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1.28 unbalanced '}'

From: Tagunov Anthony
Subject: 1.28 unbalanced '}'
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 22:12:06 +0300

Hello, friends!

I've hit a very frustrationg behaviour of bison 1.28 on Linux RH 6.1
I send the srouce file.
I compile it with 
bison  ces.y
and get what I've attached as a second file.

Here's an example of problematic output code

#line 37 "ces.y"
{ context->trace("description"); context->traceln(yyvsp[0]);;

The curly brackets are unballanced!!

Will apprisiate your attention, best regards

Attachment: ces.y
Description: Binary data

Attachment: ces.tab.c
Description: Binary data

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