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Strategic Partnership Proposal

From: victoria_simms
Subject: Strategic Partnership Proposal
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 0:33:50 GMT


I recently visited your website and believe you may be interested in
forming a strategic partnership. Our company owns and operates fully
licensed online casinos. We have over 30,000 clients and 8,500 partner

The online gaming industry is the most explosive on the net, with over $10
billion projected by 2002. We would like to offer you the following

Qwest Global Intertainment provides:

* Casino / sportsbook front end design (for an example, go to

* All gaming software, customer service, credit card processing, and
logistical support

* Up to 50% of casino net-win (tracked in real-time)

* Profit checks mailed each Friday, rain or shine

You provide:

* Website Promotion via banners, email, or search engine placement.

Without assuming any of the risk, you can drive traffic to your personal
Internet casino and immediately increase your company's residual income.

I invite you to look at our corporate website at the following address:

Please email me at address@hidden if you have any questions or

I look forward to hearing from you!


Victoria Simms

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