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Re: Bison 1.28 & SunOS 5.8

From: Carlos . Linares . Lopez
Subject: Re: Bison 1.28 & SunOS 5.8
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 11:56:14 +0200

From: Carlos Linares address@hidden on 03.05.2001 11:56

Hi Hans,

Thanks for your answer! I understand all you say, in fact, currently, I'm
debugging the code generated
by flex and bison and I cannot understand, by now, why it fails. In the
meantime, I'm doing my job
with lex & yacc (but lex is so slow!!!, or, conversely, flex is so fast!!! :)

Of course, I would never request anybody to have a look at my .l file. I know
that's extremely boring! :)
(unfortunately, I've done it so many times in my life! :) but just to know if
somebody have ever heard of
related problems with flex and bison on the Sun OS 5.x (in my case, 5.8). I've
had a look at many other
mail repositories before posting here my question and I've seen that many people
have got many
probs that, curiously, I haven't got. Then, the executable doesn't work though
when processed with
lex & yacc it works perfectly! :(

Thanks a lot for your answer, really, it is quite estimulating to see that there
is somebody there out who
is always ready to help! Have a nice day, Hans!

Carlos Linares,

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At 17:23 +0200 2001/05/02, address@hidden wrote:
>After configuring, making and installing both products, I compile my small
>project and get the executable, how ever as soon as flex&bison start to work
>(inmediately!) it
>exists with the error: Segmentation fault. I've gone through all the mailing
>lists I've seen in Internet reading previous posted messages but I haven't
>my problem there.
>Maybe my .l and .y files are not well programmed, but they work perfectly for
>lex & yacc (with the prob that lex cannot handle it and its internal table is
>out of memory while
>processing my .l).

Segmentation fault means that you have some problems with the memory
allocations in your program, but it could be anything (like trying to write
in an unallocated space or running out of stack).

So you need to post a small example of your code, if you should expect
anybody here helping you: Checking others code for memory allocation
problems is not one of the more exiting things on this planet.

One way to pin down the problem might be using a good (visual) debugger
which can catch the it. It may stop at a point where the memory allocation
problem is. From that point on, a clever guess might do the trick.

Another way is to try to make a small example out of your .l and .y files,
and see if the problem persists. If does not, you know the problem is in
the rest, if it persist and is small, you could try post it here. If you
cut down the program in halves, you rather quickly get down to a spot where
it occurs.

  Hans Aberg

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