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Re: DR Grammars / parse time in GCC

From: Tim Josling
Subject: Re: DR Grammars / parse time in GCC
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2001 22:56:55 +1000

I rebuilt gcc with profiling on. The yyparse_1 which is the bison
generated parser including the actions but excluding functions
called by the actions, took 4.15% of the compile time (0.29
seconds/6.98 seconds) for combine.c which is the largest hand
coded source code file of the GCC c compiler. 

I will rebuild GCC with basic block profiling which will give me
the ability to actually pick out the parse itself as opposed to
any action code within the parse function. 

Tim Josling

Tim Josling wrote:
> For combine.c it is 1.95/4.36 seconds so you are right. I will
> rebuild gcc with profile on and see if that is really the parse
> or if it is code executed within the parse actions.
> I know in my COBOL compiler where I cleanly separate the
> parse/analyse/code gen the parse doesn't show up on theradar at
> all. More to come.
> Tim Josling

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