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Re: Bison 1.28b (fwd)

From: marc-alexandre autret
Subject: Re: Bison 1.28b (fwd)
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2001 20:09:41 +0000 (GMT)

> According to Axel Kittenberger:
> >
> > How about in example grammar.c.y and grammar.cc.y? That would theoretically 
> > allow just any language.
 I am not sure you understand this new feature so
 In your example, the result of ``bison grammar.c.y''  is grammar.c.tab.c
 and                           ``bison grammar.cc.y'' is grammar.c.tab.cc
 another example: ``bison -d gram.ypp -o parse.yy'' will give
        parse.cc and parse.hh !
 Hans: If you want to give a different extension than the grammar file, use
  ``-o'' :)
 Hope that's ok.
 Autret Marc (address@hidden)
 Eleve Ingenieur en Informatique 

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