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E-commerce that pays you to shop

From: twistr69
Subject: E-commerce that pays you to shop
Date: 星期日, 12 八月 2001 22:26:25

Dear Reader,

This is an investment opportunity that I have encountered in Taiwan. Now it is 
available in 5 other countries and the company has plans to take it global. The 
company is called ELT, short for Enjoy Life Together.

The company has three types of cards that they sell or give away when 
qualified. ALL the cards mean money in you pocket. But I need to make sure I'm 
talking to the right people. So in this email I will introduce the L card only. 
If you are interested please follow the directions near the end of the letter.

The cost of the L-card is $230. You get 8000 points of credit of which you may 
purchase a varity of products online. After the purchase of the L-card you must 
continue to breath for 180 days. If you do this you qualify for $10,000 to help 
assist with your funeral service upon your passing.

There are no age or health requirements. You could be 102 years old and still 
take advantage of this incrediable leverage! You could have cancer and the 
doctor tells you that you have 3 months to live.  Take a bet that the doctor is 
wrong! If you lose, you get $230 worth of consumer products. If you win you get 
the products and $10,000 for you funeral.

This is NOT insurance! It's much better.

My wife's great grandmother is 103 years old and we really don't know how much 
longer she has left. We bought an L-card for her and it has been 30 days so 
far. 150 days to go.

But where does the money come from? If you are interested please return this 
email with "tell me more" in the subject line.


Donald Stordock

This is NOT SPAM. You are recieving this beacuse you are on a targeted list 
that I bought. If you no longer wish to recieve emails like this please return 
this email with "remove" in the subject line. If you have more that one email 
address please list them in the message and they will be removed as well.

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