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bison-1_29-branch testsuite difficulty

From: Juan Manuel Guerrero
Subject: bison-1_29-branch testsuite difficulty
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 14:09:35 +0200

I have tried to configure and compile bison-1_29-branch (2001-08-28)
on MSDOS/DJGPP. The sources have been installed in the directory:
on hard disk #1 and the above path is the value for $top_srcdir
and $srcdir. More explicitily:
srcdir = /dev/d/projekt/bison/1/tests
top_srcdir = /dev/d/projekt/bison/1

The binaries have been build in directory:
on hard disk #2.
Configuration and compilation works ok but the testsuit aborts with
the following error message:

Making check in tests
make.exe[1]: Entering directory `z:/bison/tests'
/dev/env/DJDIR/bin/m4 -I /dev/d/projekt/bison/1/tests atgeneral.m4 suite.at | \
          sed -e 's/[   ]*$//' | \
  sed -e '/^$/N;/\n$/D' > testsuite-tmp
chmod +x testsuite-tmp
mv testsuite-tmp testsuite
D:/CVS/BIN/make.exe  check-local
make.exe[2]: Entering directory `z:/bison/tests'
make.exe[2]: *** No rule to make target 
`/dev/d/projekt/bison/1/tests/testsuite', needed by `check-local'.  Stop.
make.exe[2]: Leaving directory `z:/bison/tests'
make.exe[1]: *** [check-am] Error 2
make.exe[1]: Leaving directory `z:/bison/tests'
make.exe: *** [check-recursive] Error 1

The error message shows that the testsuite script generated by m4 is
generated in the build directory z:\bison\tests but the check-local
target expects the script in $(srcdir).
This is a quote of the makefile:

check-local: atconfig $(srcdir)/testsuite
        $(SHELL) $(srcdir)/testsuite

testsuite: atgeneral.m4 suite.at $(SUITE)
        $(M4) -I $(srcdir) atgeneral.m4 suite.at | \
          sed -e 's/[   ]*$$//' | \
          sed -e '/^$$/N;/\n$$/D' > address@hidden
        chmod +x address@hidden
        mv address@hidden $@

The target testsuite does not match in an appropiate way
the dependency $(srcdir)/testsuite from target check-local.
This seems only to work if srcdir=./
This would imply that the user must always configure and compile from the top 
Is this intentional or am I missing something here?
Only FYI: I am using make 3.79.1.

Guerrero, Juan Manuel

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