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Re: Bug in bison-1.29 with comment handling

From: marc-alexandre autret
Subject: Re: Bug in bison-1.29 with comment handling
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 12:53:18 +0000 (GMT)

According to Keith Browne:
> I discovered a problem with bison-1.29 when using it to build lclint
> (http://lclint.cs.virginia.edu/).  lclint is an enhanced lint tool
> which can perform extended source code checking through the use of
> markup tokens encapsulated in C comments, like this:
>   /address@hidden@*/ arrayQualNode array;
> Not surprisingly, lclint's own source code is marked up in this
> manner.  In particular, a couple of the grammar files used to build
> lclint have declarations like the one above.
> When building lclint with bison-1.29, I found bison was placing an
> extra / in front of C comments in its output--thus generating a
> C++-style comment to end of line.  This would be harmless for C
> comments which extend to end-of-line, but it breaks code where the
> comment precedes other code on a line, or where a comment extends over
> multiple lines.
> Keith D. Browne
> Programmer, Legato Systems Canada Inc.
> address@hidden

Ok, It's a bug.


Autret Marc (address@hidden)
Eleve Ingenieur en Informatique.

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