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Re: Problems building bison/1.29 on IRIX 6.5

From: David Kaelbling
Subject: Re: Problems building bison/1.29 on IRIX 6.5
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 11:41:09 -0400

Akim Demaille wrote:
> >> May I ask you to try to `compile' Autoconf 2.52?  I'm extremely
> >> interested with the results of make check.  Thanks!
> David> Boy, they take a long time to run!
> Yeah.  How long?  The test suite has duration stats, and I'm
> interested in your score (the worst I know being 8h).

I cleaned up the workarea after I was done -- maybe an hour or so?

> Autoconf does not use Bison.  But Bison uses Autoconf, so I was
> expected to find in Autoconf the failure Bison exhibits on your host.

Oh, sorry.  I misunderstood.

> But on a second thought, I believe the problem you face is now fixed.
> Please, give a try to
>         http://www.lrde.epita.fr/~akim/download/bison-1.29a.tar.gz

No joy:

gmake[2]: Entering directory
{                                       \
  echo '# Signature of the current package.'; \
  echo 'm4_define([PACKAGE_NAME],      [GNU Bison])'; \
  echo 'm4_define([PACKAGE_TARNAME],   [bison])'; \
  echo 'm4_define([PACKAGE_VERSION],   [1.29a])'; \
  echo 'm4_define([PACKAGE_STRING],    [GNU Bison 1.29a])'; \
  echo 'm4_define([PACKAGE_BUGREPORT], address@hidden)'; \
} >package.m4
autom4te --language=autotest -I . testsuite.at -o testsuite.tmp
gmake[2]: autom4te: Command not found
gmake[2]: *** [testsuite] Error 127

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1 Cabot Rd, suite 250; Hudson, MA 01749     781.839.2157, fax ...2357

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