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Re: language neutral parser

From: Axel Kittenberger
Subject: Re: language neutral parser
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 20:40:22 +0100

> Suppose one wants a program (like Bison perhaps) to write one array, but
> with the entries not written in order. Then one would want to first
> generate that array internally and after that write the array. It would
> make no difference if the output language is XML or C/C++, if one wants to
> write the array in an order other than the computed one.

A XML parser written in exampe in C can reoder an node array very easily with 
all the logical rules you can code in C :o) just take a look at libxml2 ( 
http://www.xmlsoft.org )

- Axel
|D) http://www.dtone.org

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