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Re: bison bug.

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: bison bug.
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 12:18:20 +0100

At 07:57 -0800 2001/12/21, James Harris wrote:
>On a side note where did the source for LR0.c come from? It has a GPL
>license on it, but I have found the almost exact same source in the
>FreeBSD distribution under the BSD license. FreeBSD cvs reports that it is
>orignal and thus came from BSD-lite 4.4.  If this source came from BSD isn't
>it in violation of the BSD license? Doesnt it need the BSD copyright ??

I don't know, but here is a suggestion:

The original Bison was written by Robert Paul Corbett for his thesis work
at Berkeley. Then somehow RMS acquired and adapted this Bison for GNU.

RPC then went on adapting Bison for further Berkeley projects; I think it
might be called "Berkeley Yacc" or something (make an Internet search for
Bison at Berkeley if you want to find out).

So the GNU version would get the GNU copyright notice, and the Berkeley
version would get the BSD copyright notice.

  Hans Aberg

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