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Re: Bison's development enviroment

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: Bison's development enviroment
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 00:56:55 +0100

At 18:50 +0000 2002/01/11, Carlos Javier Borges Villalba wrote:
>I am perfoming a modified version of Bison, in order to implement the DR
>method from J Fortes.
>I am very interested in knowing which development enviroment is used to
>develop Bison cause I want to make a portable version similar to the Bison's
>(files, make files.....). As this version of Bison it will be the base to
>other projects (leads by J Fortes and Miguel PĂ©rez), we are very interested
>in keep the GNU's development software line.

As I recall, the suggestion was that you develop a special Bison .y file
option, say %dr or something that selects your algorithm on top of the
prdinary Bison: Then it might be easier integrate it into GNU Bison itself
at some point. One idea of the future of Bison is to perhaps modularize it,
so that algorithm becomes easier.

(I do not develop Bison itself, so you will have to wait for Akim or
somebody answering that part.)

  Hans Aberg

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