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Re: Bison development

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Bison development
Date: 16 Jan 2002 13:03:51 +0100
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>>>>> "Hans" == Hans Aberg <address@hidden> writes:

Hans> At 17:26 +0100 2002/01/15, Akim Demaille wrote: Therefore, one
Hans> may still need to have different skeleton files for different
Hans> languages, but it might still simplify the problem.
>> Hans, thanks, but we don't need any idea.  We already have all we
>> need (we, too, were born with brains), and more than we can
>> actually implement.

Hans> The idea was to reduce the cycle time needed on your human
Hans> supercomputers: That's what structured programming does.

The idea is spending less time answering to you, and spending it onto
Bison development.

The idea is we are aware Bison is not modular, and that's what we're
doing.  When will you understand that?

>> What we need is help on the development.

Hans> I already offered my C++ skeleton files & tweaks, but I recall
Hans> you said you wanted to develop that yourselves.

That's not the development we need.  We need to develop the core bison
so that Hanses can work on their side without having to submerge us
with their inputs.

Hans> So, in fine, you don't want ideas that simplify your work, 

We have them.  You seem to believe we need you have ideas.  Sorry, we
don't (at least now).

Hans> nor do you want have the development work itself. :-)

No, we want it where it is needed, not where it will require more work
from us.

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