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Re: bison'd files don't compile under Microsoft VC++

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: bison'd files don't compile under Microsoft VC++
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 11:24:35 +0100

At 12:14 -0800 2002/02/13, David Gluss wrote:
[Please quote only relevant material.]
>I wouldn't be interested in bison outputting real C++...then you
>couldn't use it in C programs any more.

First, the C feature will remain of course.

But have you tried the C++ extern "C" feature?

  The underlying task
>is pretty simple after all...implement a state machine...so the
>overhead of C++ seems uncalled for.

This is the naive approach, because it odes not work with C++ classes that
has non-trivial contructors (see how the Bison parser implements its
dynamic stack).

>I am curious as to why you "don't want to walk that tracks"...

Which I figure is one reason that Akim, and for that matter no-one else
wants to spend too much effort on a compile C as C++ parser.

  Hans Aberg

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