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Re: problem compiling bison with gcc 3.0.5

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: problem compiling bison with gcc 3.0.5
Date: 02 Mar 2002 09:34:06 +0100
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>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Trautmann <address@hidden> writes:

Please, always keeps the messages on the lists. 

Martin> Hi, I compiled bison-1.33 with gcc 3.0.5.  

Are you sure 3.0.5 exists?

Martin> Using the work around I sent you, I had no problem...

This part must have been lost in the cyberspace, I don't know what
workaround you are referring to.

Martin> Another independant question: I code C++ and did some tricks
Martin> to integrate the bison parser in my program. But in the newest
Martin> versions you put the token itself into a union. I am very sad
Martin> about that, because this makes it impossible to use a class
Martin> with constructor and destructor as token.

I know.  Nevertheless, I see no relationship at all with the tokens.
Could you be more specific?  You were not using %union?

Martin> I used this to create a token which takes care of memory
Martin> allocation and freeing itself which is less fault prone than
Martin> having to destroy each element in the actions.

We hope to release a C== producing Bison in the next couple of months.

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