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Building bison on windows platform

From: kartikey bhatt
Subject: Building bison on windows platform
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 13:24:32 +0530


I've successfully built bison-1.33 on windows platform using
microsoft visual studio's C compiler and only a minor change is
required in output.h.

I am mailing the following files as attachment(Attach.zip)
config_msvc.h - config.h for windows
output.h.patch - linux diff output of original (1.33) output.h file and modified output.h
output.mod.h - modified output.h
libbison.mak - makefile for the nmake(relative to bison-1.33\lib)
bison.mak - makefile for the nmake(relative to bison-1.33\src)
libbison.lib - binary
bison.exe - binary

I hope my effort won't go in wain and the makefiles and other changes will be
included in the advanced version of bison to be released.

Complete Specifications

The build is done using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
makefiles are for nmake

The operating system is Windows 98 ME edition

Warning messages are turned off

One can easily build bison by copying config_msvc.h
to config.h in top-level directory
and then running nmake on libbison.mak in lib directory
and on bison.mak in src directory
However it's necessary to first build libbison.lib.

Mahendra Bhatt

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