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Re: Why Not DOS

From: kartikey bhatt
Subject: Re: Why Not DOS
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 22:59:03 +0530


Hey Akim
Don't make me nervous.

I really want to contribute for bison development.
You asked me "why you don't use the DOS things?"
It's just because I think that it doesn't make
any sense to build 16-bit versions of powerful "bison" like things.
Today most developments are carried out on 32-bit platforms.
Hence the result.
Also if u want me to work on DOS i'm ready.

Also I would like to know answer for the following
        "I'm not ready to have Bison's sources equipped with such things "

I ask why?

Answer to your question
        "How do I have guarantee you will maintain that?":

See I'm a student and I'm really a promoter of Free Software
because it has helped me a lot whenever I'm in need.
"If you get too much from Free Software, you should contribute
a little to it" - this is my philosophy.
"I Will Maintain That".

And at last I request you to tell me about which forms or papers
of FSF must be filled before contributing? I'm ready to fill
all the papers without hesitation.

                                                        Promote Free Software

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