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bison.simple and c++

From: Egbert Koenig
Subject: bison.simple and c++
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 16:17:25 +0100


there is a small bug in bison.simple, that prevents from putting yyparse into 
a class as classname::yyparse. The forward declaration for yyparse() causes 
g++ to throw an error, if yyparse is redefined to something like 

Please see the attached patch, that will eliminate this problem with 
bison.simple. It will suppress the forward declaration of yyparse(), if that 
is redefined as a preprocessor macro.

Best regards


Egbert König                            email: address@hidden
AUCOS elektronische Geräte GmbH
Matthiashofstr. 47-49                   phone: +49.241.44664-175
D-52064 Aachen                            fax: +49.241.44664-99

Attachment: bison.diff
Description: patch for bison.simple (1.28)

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