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From: G S Murthy
Subject: Query
Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2002 18:28:05 +0530

Dear friend,
I have been working with the Bison and Flex in the Win NT environment
and now, am required to port the same Y and the I files for the Bison and Flex
respectively in the Unix (Solaris) environment.
I use some c++ statements like cls * name = new cls (..,..,..) etc in the action part
of my Y file..
Is it possible for me to just port the same Flex generated lex.yy.c and the Bison generated
tab.cpp file in Unix too (Ofcourse with Unix Flex and Bison). If yes! Do I use some options to do so.
I am facing some problems here. It does not work.
Can you pls help me out with a solution.
Thanks and Regards,


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