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Re: "parser stack overflow" in bison-1.35, bad "#if" in bison.simple

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: "parser stack overflow" in bison-1.35, bad "#if" in bison.simple
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002 13:38:21 +0200

At 12:11 +0200 2002/08/25, Miko Nahum wrote:
>Hi All,

Hi yourself, :-)

>Here is a description of a problem: I am using bison to implement an
>This is a pure_parser combined with flex and I compile everything in C++
>as part of a class. This is of course in multi-platform env'. (Win, HP,
>Under Windows currently use bison-1.28

The latest news about this version is probably that some Druids used it at
Stonehenge. :-)

> whereas under all Unix platforms
>using bison-1.35.

And this one is not supported either, I think.

>The result, stack enlargement code does not activated when needed and
>all I have is the YYINITDEPTH which is 200 (which isnot enough).

This is only one problem with older version under C++; another is that the
C stack enlargement does not invoke the C++ copy constructors as it should.
Therefore, the proper thing is to use a C++ container.

There is a Bison beta that does just that:
    ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/bison/  (bison-1.49x)
Try this one; compile with option -S c++.bison (or was it bison.c++?) or
something like that (to choose the right skeleton file.

  Hans Aberg

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