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Problem with installing BISON

From: Mendorf, Thilo
Subject: Problem with installing BISON
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 14:16:59 +0200

I tryed to Install Bison on Open MVS,
Here my steps to install BISON:
1. Download the file : bison-1.35.os390.tar.gz from IBM FTP -Server.
2. Gunzip the file
2. pax -r -f bison-1.35.os390.tar.gz
3. export _C89_CCMODE=1 LDFLAGS=-Wl,EDIT=NO sh -x ./configure 

After he did a lot .... this returns:
configure:8060: result: no                              
configure:8128: checking for non-GNU ld                 
configure:8161: result: no                              
configure:8164: error: no acceptable ld found in $PATH  

What is the meaning? LD ?

Hope you can Help me!

If you want I can mail you the configure file or the config.log.....

Thilo Mendorf
Mainframe Hard und Software

T-Systems CSM GmbH
Team MF9 
SCZ West
Europark Fichtenhain B10
47807 Krefeld

Tel: 02151 357 4355
Fax: 02151 3660 6120

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