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Re: Need assistance

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Need assistance
Date: 12 Nov 2002 15:50:47 +0100
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| This is the error out put:  attached is the results file:
| rtp-rds-01d:root
| /tmp >cat foo.y
| %%
| exp: 'a';
| rtp-rds-01d:root
| /tmp >bison --trace=tools foo.y > res
| running: /usr/bin/m4 -I /usr/local/share/bison m4sugar/m4sugar.m4 
/tmp/bsnZmk3Ua /usr/local/share/bison/yacc.c
| m4: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.
| /usr/bin/m4:/usr/local/share/bison/yacc.c:1282 1252-201 A quote is not 
|         Check that the end quote character exists.

This is not GNU M4.  It is bizarre that you have /usr/bin/m4 written
in bison if this is not GNU M4.  Reinstall it, or set M4=/path/to/gnu/m4.

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