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Run-time internationalized messages

From: Bruce Lilly
Subject: Run-time internationalized messages
Date: Fri, 02 May 2003 17:19:01 -0400
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I'm somewhat hesitant to call this a bug, let's call it a feature request...

A bison-built parser has compiled in strings such as "syntax error: cannot
back up", "syntax error, unexpected ", ", expecting ", " or ", "Error: popping",
etc. Once bison has run, those strings are hard-coded into the bison-produced
C file.  It would be nice if bison provided alternative language versions
of those strings and a means to select the language when the resulting parser
is run. Independently of whether or not bison is installed on the system running
the parser (that means that the variants and a means of selecting should
be written into the C file that bison produces).  Since there are only
a few short strings, that shouldn't present much overhead.  Ideally,
the language selection method should be flexible enough that the language can
be frequently changed during a single run of the parser and can be set
differently for different processes even if the (pure) parser is built
into a shared object file. Also, the mechanism should ideally be platform-
independent (in particular, the existence of anything resembling a file
system shouldn't be presumed).

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