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bison 1.875 variable vs. function name clash: accept

From: Richard Lloyd
Subject: bison 1.875 variable vs. function name clash: accept
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 13:11:01 +0100 (BST)

In bison 1.875, the following statement is present at line 39 of

symbol *accept = NULL;

However, there is an accept() function in pretty well all C libraries
("accept - accept a connection on a socket"), so I would suggest a rename
of the accept variable in the bison source code (I believe it's also
referenced in src/symtab.h, src/reader.c and src/reduce.c).

I suspect this wasn't picked up earlier because the accept() function prototype
requires the inclusion of <sys/socket.h>, which isn't #include'd in the
bison source tree from what I can see.

P.S. I'm disappointed that, even after running the bison 1.875 source through
     ansi2knr, you can't (easily) compile bison any more with a K&R C
     compiler. This could hit Solaris and HP-UX users particularly because
     the default C compiler is K&R and I believe that bison/flex is required
     to build gcc...

Richard K. Lloyd,           E-mail: address@hidden
Connect Internet Solutions,    WWW: http://www.connectinternetsolutions.com/
3, Brownlow Street,
Merseyside, UK. L69 3GL

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