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bison C code generation bug

From: Davy Durham
Subject: bison C code generation bug
Date: 03 Jun 2003 10:31:31 -0500

Hey, I think I've even sent this bug in before.. Maybe its already fixed
in the repository but it's still in the public release

In the generated C code: the yyerrlab1 label is supposed to have a gcc
extension, __attribute__ ((__unused__)), in front of it, but in the .c
file the extension wound up be just AFTER the label declaration instead
of in front, so you get errors about the following lines of code
(because it think they're declarations since a declaration attribute had
just been parsed). OR, in my using gcc-3.2.2 it is just not valid to
declare that attribute for a label anymore since gcc-2.93

Also,the yylerrsp symbol is not being #defined to have the -p prefix at
the top of the generated .c file.  So, that would potentially cause
linking problems with programs that use more than one parser.


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