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multiple lalr1.cc scanners

From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz
Subject: multiple lalr1.cc scanners
Date: 11 Jun 2003 11:03:53 +0200
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I'm working on a C++ project where 
 1) I'd like to use the lalr1.cc skeleton
 2) I need to use many scanner

Unfortunately, these two points seem contradictory presently.
The lalr1.cc skelton will always output yy::Position,
yy::Location, yy::Stack, and yy::Parser classes, and it will
always call yylex().  

%name-prefix is ignored, but it's unclear what it's action would
be.  I think it should rename yylex(), but changing the yy::
namespace sounds unwanted: that would cause needless duplication
of yy::Position, yy::Location, and yy::Stack.  From the
yy::Traits code is suspect the intent is to allow several
parsers with different name to share the same namespace.

Does this means another %option is needed to renamed the Parser?

Since I need it, I'm willing to work on it (provided someone else
can fix the present test suite failures first), but I just don't
know which way you want to go.

FWIW, I'm playing the following trick by the meantime:

namespace tgbayy
  using namespace yy;
#define yy tgbayy
#define yylex tgbayylex

the above is inserted in a way that just the parser appears in
a separate namespace.  yy::Position, yy::Location, and yy::Stack
remain in namespace yy.  Yes, it's ugly.
Alexandre Duret-Lutz

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