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Re: Segfault with PHP and bison 1.875(a)

From: Martin Schlemmer
Subject: Re: Segfault with PHP and bison 1.875(a)
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 2003 02:27:12 +0200

On Sun, 2003-10-05 at 00:50, Paul Eggert wrote:
> Martin Schlemmer <address@hidden> writes:
> >   http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=22215
> I see that you have submitted a patch to PHP dated 4 Oct 5:17pm EDT
> that is now published on that web page.  I assume that this means that
> the problem was a bug in PHP, not in Bison.
> A Bison+PHP problem was also reported by Sebastian Bergman in March; see
> <http://mail.gnu.org/archive/html/help-bison/2003-03/msg00062.html>.
> We never got to the bottom of it back then.  I'll CC: this message to
> him to let him know about the fix.
> Thanks for looking into this.

NP.  I have not looked into the reason for bison <1.875 working, and
1.875 not (is yy_create_buffer() a public interface ?  did its calling
method change ?).  I am no bison specialist, so will rather not try
to comment :)



Martin Schlemmer

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