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Re: [GNU Bison 1.875] testsuite: 27 failed

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: [GNU Bison 1.875] testsuite: 27 failed
Date: 20 Oct 2003 15:52:16 -0700
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Andrea Barbieri <address@hidden> writes:

> reduce.at:291: sed 's/not-reduced/reduced/g' not-reduced.c
> 1169c1169
> < #line 10 "reduced.y"
> ---
> > #line 17 "reduced.y"

Thanks for your bug report.  I've reproduced the bug on my Solaris 8
(64-bit sparc) host with Forte Developer 7 (C 5.4).  I think the bug
is fixed in the latest Bison test version

PS.  If you build Bison 1.875c, you'll need to do this first:

rm src/scan-gram.c src/scan-skel.c

to work around a bug in the flex version was used to generate

Also, you'll see a number of error messages like this:

"./stdbool.h", line 35: warning: _Bool is a keyword in ISO C99

They're harmless, but we plan to rewrite Bison to avoid them in the
next version.

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