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32 Bit Bison Tables

From: Tom Spurrier
Subject: 32 Bit Bison Tables
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 13:37:43 -0600

The current state transitions use shorts and short tables.  Is it possible that someone could change the state tables to 32 bit int's and change the size from 32767 to say 262144 to start with.  I have tried to build a Windows version on my system but as yet, I don't know what the M4 stuff is.  Also, output contains a fork and pipe which I don't know how to do on a PC.  But someone must have solved these problems as I have a PC version of BISON but its tables are "short"s.  My grammar is very large and needs to be larger and simply exceeds the 16 bit index's. 
Currently BISON is based on "short"s and I am getting the following error.
"med.y", line 4482: maximum table size (32767) exceeded
So, do you know of any BISON's that are 32-bits?
Thank you.

Tom Spurrier

Tom Spurrier


Senior Systems Software Engineer
Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.
(850)664-0999 (fax)


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