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Bison 1.875 has memory corruption problems

From: Chris Lattner
Subject: Bison 1.875 has memory corruption problems
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 02:05:42 -0500 (CDT)

Bison seems to have serious memory problems.  For example, when using the
'make maintainer-check-valgrind' target in the tests directory, it fails
MOST of its tests:

## --------------------------- ##
## GNU Bison 1.875 test suite. ##
## --------------------------- ##

Input Processing.

  1: input.at:28       FAILED near `input.at:37'
  2: input.at:46       FAILED near `input.at:55'
  3: input.at:64       FAILED near `input.at:80'
  4: input.at:93       FAILED near `input.at:221'

Output file names.

  5: output.at:38      FAILED near `output.at:38'
  6: output.at:40      FAILED near `output.at:40'
  7: output.at:42      FAILED near `output.at:42'
  8: output.at:44      FAILED near `output.at:44'
  9: output.at:46      FAILED near `output.at:46'
 10: output.at:48      FAILED near `output.at:48'
 11: output.at:52      FAILED near `output.at:52'
 12: output.at:54      FAILED near `output.at:54'
 13: output.at:57      FAILED near `output.at:57'
 14: output.at:61      FAILED near `output.at:61'
 15: output.at:63      FAILED near `output.at:63'
 16: output.at:67      FAILED near `output.at:67'
 17: output.at:72      FAILED near `output.at:72'
 18: output.at:75      FAILED near `output.at:75'
 19: output.at:79      FAILED near `output.at:79'
 20: output.at:83      FAILED near `output.at:83'

Has anyone run into this issue?  Are there any known bugfixes/workarounds?
This causes serious failures when using non-gcc compilers.




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