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RE: report

From: Quote Requests autoresponder
Subject: RE: report
Date: Sun, 2 May 2004 00:40:19 -0400

Thank you for contacting the Gartner Quote Request team.

This is an auto-response message to ensure you have forwarded the following information to address@hidden to enable us to process your request :

1.  The Gartner quote that you are requesting to use.

2.  The context of the quote in your materials, eg. attach press release, presentation etc.

3.  Copy of the original research source from which the quote was excerpted, preferably attached.

4.  The location of the quote in both documents.

Please visit the Vendor Relations page on www.gartner.com for a copy of our most current copyright and quote guidelines and Vendor Relations program overview. The link is located at the bottom left-hand side of the home page.

Please note our name is no longer Gartner Group, it is Gartner Inc.

Thank you for your quote request submission. Estimated turnaround if you have provided the required information is 24-48 hours.

Best Regards,

Quote Requests



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