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Re: SEGV running tests on IRIX 6.5.19m

From: Albert Chin-A-Young
Subject: Re: SEGV running tests on IRIX 6.5.19m
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 21:18:53 -0500
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On Wed, May 26, 2004 at 05:47:33PM -0500,  wrote:
> Oh, I found the problem. I stepped through parse_gram.c. The patch
> below fixes it for me. Now I'm left with the following failures:
>    To: <address@hidden>
>    Subject: [GNU Bison 1.875d] testsuite: 43 84 86 87 88 89 failed
> Thanks _a lot_ for your help! I created a small test case and will
> report the bug to SGI.

I heard back from SGI. We used v7.4.1m of their compiler which has the
bug. The latest version, v7.4.2m, does not have the bug. So, you can
ignore the patch if you want.

albert chin (address@hidden)

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