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Re: Subject: [GNU Bison 1.875] testsuite: 5 8 12 13 20 24 25 27 33 41 45

From: Juan Manuel Guerrero
Subject: Re: Subject: [GNU Bison 1.875] testsuite: 5 8 12 13 20 24 25 27 33 41 45 46 47 69 73 75 76 89 93 99 100 101 102 103 failed
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2004 18:04:46 +0200

Frank send to me the testsuitelog. Inspecting it shows that bison always dies
with a SIGSEGV. The traceback is from the testsuite.log. Using bfdsymify
I get the following traceback:

Exiting due to signal SIGSEGV
General Protection Fault at eip=0003164c
eax=346d2e82 ebx=000de0ec ecx=000de0ec edx=346d2e82 esi=000000e7 edi=0000bd46
ebp=000c59c8 esp=000c59c0 program=c:\djg\gnu\bison-1.875\src\bison.exe
cs: sel=045f  base=04f00000  limit=0014ffff
ds: sel=0467  base=04f00000  limit=0014ffff
es: sel=0467  base=04f00000  limit=0014ffff
fs: sel=0437  base=00031580  limit=0000ffff
gs: sel=0477  base=00000000  limit=0010ffff
ss: sel=0467  base=04f00000  limit=0014ffff
App stack: [000cfb60..0004fb64]  Exceptn stack: [0004fa84..0004db44]

Call frame traceback EIPs:
  0x0003164c free+188, file fprintf.c
  0x0002981f reap_subpipe+31, file 
d:/_projekte_/bison/_/gnu/bison-1.875/lib/subpipe.c, line 417
  0x0000c555 output_skeleton+1509, file 
d:/_projekte_/bison/_/gnu/bison-1.875/src/output.c, line 596
  0x0000e896 .debug_info+2041, file 
d:/_projekte_/bison/_/gnu/bison-1.875/src/output.c, line 652
  0x00007600 main+432, file d:/_projekte_/bison/_/gnu/bison-1.875/src/main.c, 
line 158
  0x0003117f __crt1_startup+191, file crt1.c

The above traceback is typical for all test failures.
The aparently offending code from file subpipe.c is:

415  int argc;
417  for (argc = 0; arguments[argc]; argc++)
418    free (arguments[argc]);
419  free (arguments);

The above code is invoked every time the m4 program is invoked to produce the 
parser file.
The surprising fact it that this code fails sometimes and sometimes not.
May be I am missing something here.

I have installed djdev204.zip from /beta/v2 and configured and compiled the 
package from scratch.
On a Win98SE system the testsuite passes without any difficulty no matter if I 
use djdev204 or djdev203.
Today I will try to download all needed packages compiled with djdev204 from 
clio and make a fresh
djgpp installation to configure and compile the bison package and see what 


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