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Re: Bison version 1.875e available for testing

From: Laurence Finston
Subject: Re: Bison version 1.875e available for testing
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 19:14:11 +0100 (MET)

On Wed, 15 Dec 2004, Akim Demaille wrote:

> Well, there are many others to finish first.  And I would like to have
> a look at the actual code needing this feature.

The following is the code in question.  The complete code for
GNU 3DLDF is available at:

`Scanner_Node scanner_node' is the parameter passed to `yyparse()'.
`Scanner_Node' is declared as `typedef Scanner_Type* Scanner_Node'.

The parser code is in files with names of the pattern "p*.w", e.g.,

/* Beginning of code.  */

@<Common declarations for rules@>=

   Scanner_Node scanner_node = static_cast<Scanner_Node>(parameter);

   ostream* out_stream_metapost
      = scanner_node->out[Run_State::METAPOST]->stream_ptr;

   bool error_stop_value = (      scanner_node->run_state.error_stop_mode
                               == Run_State::STOPPING
                            && scanner_node->in->type != Io_Struct::STDIN_TYPE)

                            ? true : false;

   bool warning_stop_value = (       scanner_node->run_state.warning_stop_mode
                                  == Run_State::STOPPING
                              &&    scanner_node->in->type
                                 != Io_Struct::STDIN_TYPE)

                      ? true : false;

   Id_Map_Entry_Node entry;

   int status;

   using namespace Scan_Parse;

   stringstream cerr_strm;

   stringstream location_strm;

   string thread_name;

   if (   scanner_node->run_state.multithread_input
       || scanner_node->run_state.multithread_output)

      thread_name = scanner_node->thread_info->name;

#else /* |HAVE_PTHREAD_H| is undefined.  */@;

   if (0)  /* Dummy conditional.  */

#endif /* |HAVE_PTHREAD_H| is undefined.  */@;

   else  /* Threads not available or not using them.  */

      thread_name = "";

   bool DEBUG = false;
#endif /* |DEBUG_COMPILE|  */@;

/* End of code.  */

> in this specific case, I'm not very fond of opening the guts of
> yyparse, there are many risks in there.

I understand.


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