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Re: variables in yyparse

From: Laurence Finston
Subject: Re: variables in yyparse
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 02:00:37 +0100
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> >>> From: Hans Aberg <address@hidden>

What I don't quite understand is why there needs to be a heap at all in the
`bss' section, when it seems to me from your explanations and Paul's that two
addresses, a lower and upper bound, would be sufficient.  Or is the `bss'
section now used only for the stack?  Couldn't the stack be handled the same
way?  Wouldn't it then be possible to reduce the executable to code,
initialized data, and some bookkeeping information?
Clearly, I'm going to have read up on this topic.  

> The point is that it may not be worth the trouble to write ones own virtual
> memory management routines.

It didn't occur to me that what I was planning was similar to virtual memory
management.  If the system will take care of this problem for me, I will be
happy to let it.  I'll try exhausting my heap memory sometime and see what

Thanks for the information and the references.


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