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bison @dircategory

From: Karl Berry
Subject: bison @dircategory
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 09:03:37 -0500

rms asked me to try to make Texinfo manuals use the categories from the
Free Software Directory where possible.  To that end, could you change
the category for Bison to "Software development", please?


*** /usr/local/gnu/src/bison-2.0/doc/ORIG/bison.texinfo Wed Dec 22 13:09:51 2004
--- /usr/local/gnu/src/bison-2.0/doc/bison.texinfo      Sun Jan 23 05:57:27 2005
*** 63,67 ****
  @end copying
! @dircategory GNU programming tools
  * bison: (bison).       @acronym{GNU} parser generator (Yacc replacement).
--- 63,67 ----
  @end copying
! @dircategory Software development
  * bison: (bison).       @acronym{GNU} parser generator (Yacc replacement).

Diff finished at Sun Jan 23 05:57:30

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