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bison-2 bug

From: twlevo
Subject: bison-2 bug
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 04:50:58 +0100 (CET)
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in bison-2 and bison cvs :

in vcg.c output_graph() is a line calling get_view_str():
  if (g->view != G_VIEW) { ... }

static const char * get_view_str (enum view view)
  switch (view)
    case normal_view:   return "normal_view"; <--
    case cfish:         return "cfish";
    case pfish:         return "pfish";
    case fcfish:        return "fcfish";
    case fpfish:        return "fpfish";
    default:            abort (); return NULL;

in vcg graph language `view: normal_view' does not exist
and to do that there should be a empty line.

the vcg view is normal by default.

bison-2 currently distributed will actually never generate
such line and generates always correct vcg graphs.

still better to fix. did it with this on bison-cvs-version:

<     case normal_view: return "normal_view";
>     case normal_view: abort (); return NULL; /* `view: normal_view' does
not exist in vcg-1.30 */
<   if (g->view != G_VIEW)
<     fprintf (fout, "\tview:\t%s\n", get_view_str (g->view));
>   if (g->view != G_VIEW) {
>     if (g->view==normal_view) {
>       /* vcg view is normal by default. no extra line needed. */
>     } else {
>         /* one of the vcg fisheye view modes */
>       fprintf (fout, "\tview:\t%s\n", get_view_str (g->view));
>     }
>   }

See also vcg-1.30/src/preconf/grammar.l , the lexer src or

Thanks, and bison-2 runs fine btw.

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