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Re: Question about "Conditions for Using Bison" in Bison 2.0 documentati

From: Sylvain Schmitz
Subject: Re: Question about "Conditions for Using Bison" in Bison 2.0 documentation
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 12:27:55 +0100
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Paul Eggert wrote:
Sylvain Schmitz <address@hidden> writes:
It might have been true when these skeleton first appeared, but I
don't think it is any more, since both commercial and open source
implementations exist now.

OK, let's solve the problem.  The first step: could you please come up
with a brief list of the commercial and other alternative
implementations, as compared to Bison?  If we present such a list to
RMS in a concise and pragmatic way, he'll most likely change his mind,
just as he changed his mind for the yacc skeleton.

GLR parser generators:
* Elkhound [http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~smcpeak/elkhound/] generates GLR parsers in C++ or OCaml, and is distributed under the revised BSD license. The GLR algorithm used is AFAIR very close to the one in bison. * DParser [http://dparser.sourceforge.net/] generates GLR parsers in C, distributed under BSD license. It also provides scannerless support. * PyGgy [http://www.lava.net/~newsham/pyggy/] generates GLR parsers in Python, but based on SLR tables instead of the LALR ones. It is in the public domain. * Happy [http://haskell.cs.yale.edu/happy/] just added GLR support; it generates parsers in Haskell, and is distributed under a BSD-style license. * SGLR [http://www.cwi.nl/htbin/sen1/twiki/bin/view/SEN1/SGLR] also provides scannerless support, and is distributed under the GPL.

There might be plenty of others. Some of these generate parsers in C++. Other parser generator targeting C++ include ANTLR predicated LL parser generator [http://www.antlr.org/] (in public domain), the GOLD LALR(1) parser [http://www.devincook.com/goldparser/] distributed under the zlib/libpng license, the Spirit framework [http://spirit.sourceforge.net/] for backtracking LL distributed under a permissive license, and so on and so forth.

Commercial software is also available, but more difficult to find.


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