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Re: Bison GLR buffer-overflow and invalid pointer fixes

From: Paul Hilfinger
Subject: Re: Bison GLR buffer-overflow and invalid pointer fixes
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2005 03:09:45 -0700

> address@hidden writes:
> > All around in glr.c are lines with multiple vars on one line.
> > It can be considered to use one var on one line because (from
> > experience) some compiler warnings possibly are not detected
> > when multiple vars are on one single line. Its compiler issue.
> I haven't run into this problem.  Is it a serious one?  If not,
> let's leave things alone.  The GNU coding standards allow you
> to say things like "int foo, bar;".

I don't understand this objection either.  In cases where a single
line causes ANY error, my general response is to fix the error, so
that if that first error had suppressed detection of a second, the
second error would be discovered anyway.

> > Adding the missing '{' '}' possibly improves compiler optimizing.
> I don't understand the last comment.  There aren't any missing braces
> here.  And I wouldn't expect the revised version to be easier for a
> compiler to optimize.

I don't understand the comment either.

> I do prefer the second form myself -- it's easier for me to see the
> parallel forms in the code, and to catch coding errors -- but this is
> mainly a style issue, and a minor one at that, and I'd rather defer to
> Paul Hilfinger's stylistic sense here.

In fact, this is not a subject on which I have any particular
preference, and am perfectly open to this sort of modification.

Paul H.

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