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Re: Follow-up on: [PATCH] - UPDATED fix for variadic declaration of yyer

From: Jeannot Langlois
Subject: Re: Follow-up on: [PATCH] - UPDATED fix for variadic declaration of yyerror() and yylex() function prototypes
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 21:14:56 -0400
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Paul Eggert wrote:

As I recall, that patch came in after the feature freeze for 2.1.

2.2 is intended to be just a bugfix release (though one new feature,
%require, has been added, as we're pretty sure it won't break old

So I'd say this sort of thing should go in after 2.2 comes out, which
should be soon.  Akim, what's your opinion?

Hi Paul, Hi Akim,

I wasn't aware of the feature freeze. Then everything makes perfect sense and is understandable. I was just afraid that the patch might have gone unnoticed. Thanks for the information, I will be looking forward to version 2.2 ;-).


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