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Re: glr & locations

From: Paul Hilfinger
Subject: Re: glr & locations
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 15:52:37 -0800

 > This code appears inside the else block within yydoAction().  Is it really 
 > possible for the else block to ever execute?  It seems to me that 
 > yydoAction() is only called during deterministic operation, but the else 
 > block is for a split stack.  I added a print to that else block, ran the 
 > test suite and a few of my own programs, and could never get the print to 
 > execute.
 > Perhaps a better question is, within yyglrReduce(), is it ever true that 
 > yyforceEval && yystack->yysplitPoint != NULL?


As the code currently stands, I believe that you are correct that the
answer is "no".  The history here is that I was considering a feature
that would allow the programmer to specify certain (presumably simple)
actions to be executed immediately, even when the generated parser was
in "split" mode.  The current code allows for that.  I would prefer to
keep it, at least for now, in case I eventually decide that the
feature really is important enough to add.

Paul H.

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