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Re: m4 installed but bison still says it is required after it is there -

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: m4 installed but bison still says it is required after it is there - is there a freeze switch for m4 ?
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 13:25:06 +0100

Please keep the cc to the list, as others may help.

On 12 Dec 2005, at 12:37, frank harrington wrote:

it's an hp-ux box - not a problem. this something we
are not required to use - i was just trying it out.
Perhaps a link will
make it recognize its presence.


--- Hans Aberg <address@hidden> wrote:

On 8 Dec 2005, at 19:16, frank harrington wrote:

I successfully installed m4; it is in /usr/bin -
the bison configure file still complains that m4
required even after it is present. The previous
message is about freeze files.

I am installing m4 and bison to install aide.

Any suggestions ?

At this point, you might have to reinstall your UNIX
installation, if
what you did was not intentional. :-) What UNIX are
you running?
Under BSD UNIX, one normally installs new stuff in
/usr/local/. Put
the sources in /usr/local/src/. The binaries will
end up in /usr/
local/bin/. Then users set searchpaths according to
the scheme:
You could also make the installs in your home
directory: I use
~local/, and then add the [home] part above.

   Hans Aberg

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