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Re: Build problem: gzip help message is displayed

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Build problem: gzip help message is displayed
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 23:53:18 -0600
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Keith Thompson wrote:
> I don't know what "Makefile.maint" is for, but it is being invoked.

The GNUmakefile includes it.  But other make programs do not.  This
allows the maintainers to place useful rules in the Makefile.maint
which may include GNU specific syntax not available on other systems.
These commands are only meant to be used by the developers, usually
when wrapping up a release or other similar things.

As far as I can see the gzip commands are only triggered by the
my-distcheck target, maintainer-distcheck target, cvs-dist target,
alpha, beta, major targets.  It should not be triggered unless you are
making one of those targets.  If you are simply making the default
target I don't think it should be called.

To the bison maintainers, why is Makefile.maint distributed?  I don't
recall seeing other projects putting it in the release distribution.
Usually it would only be seen if pulled from CVS.  Perhaps it should
be removed from EXTRA_DIST?  What do you think?


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