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Re: Bison 2.3

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: Bison 2.3
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 09:17:15 +0200
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* Akim Demaille wrote on Thu, Jun 08, 2006 at 07:20:27AM CEST:
> >OK.  I've suggested splitting the autotest test suite before.
> >Let's look at that idea again sometime later (one file per test, and
> >source them for execution from the main test suite script), it's bound
> >to give both execution time improvements and portability improvements.
> Using functions should already seriously reduce the problem, Autotest
> is even more repetitive that Autoconf is.

Putting each test in a separate function can help to reduce the link
farming, but it's trickier than you think: you also have to move the
function definition outside the current shell conditional construct,
otherwise the link farming will be just as bad.

Furtherermore, if you have all tests in one file,
  ./testsuite 345

still needs to parse all tests, which causes at least a noticeable
startup delay (esp. if the shell selection algorithm decides to do a


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