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fprintf -> YYFPRINTF

From: Bob Smith
Subject: fprintf -> YYFPRINTF
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 18:45:12 -0500
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Using bison 2.3 to generate a parser which runs under Windows, I browsed the .C file which bison generates and noticed that I wasn't seeing all of the messages in the output that bison generates, e.g.

Reducing stack by rule 6 (line 122):
   $1 = nterm Stmt ()

Then I noticed that there are three places in the .C file generated by bison where fprintf is used (two in the body of yy_reduce_print and one in the #define for YY_LOCATION_PRINT). To make it easier to redirect those calls, it would be helpful if those names were changed to YYFPRINTF or some other redefinable name. I already redirect bison's other messages to my local routine via

#define YYFPRINTF       pl_yyfprintf

so, a simple workaround is to use

#define fprintf         pl_yyfprintf

but I would prefer for bison to use YYFPRINTF instead of fprintf.

Bob Smith - address@hidden - http://www.sudleyplace.com

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